klez's old favourites 02 - The Prodigy - Breathe

Today we feature one of the best tracks by The Prodigy, that is Breathe, from their 1997 album The Fat of the Land. In my opinion one of the best electronic tracks ever.

Why shouldn't a DJ be considered a musician?

We usually hear that many people that aren't in the electronic scene say that a DJ isn't a musician, that he doesn't actually 'play' music. Some say that electronic music is not real music, but let's not focus on this now.
So, let's compare what a typical musician does and what a dj does.
Musician DJ
Performs both live and in studio Performs both live and in studio
Mixes notes to create a melody Mixes tracks to create a DJ-set
Can rely on improvisation during live performances Can rely on improvisation during live performances
Performs with a musical instrument, using his technical ability Performs with a console, using his technical ability
So by only switching words we get more or less the same thing. The only one that can be difficult to explain is the second point. Let's think about it a bit metaphysically.
So let's imagine a whole song is a single note. And let's say we have seven songs called A, B, C, D, E, F, G and we arrange them like this:
Next we take the seven notes (in the anglosaxon notation), that is A, B, C, D, E, F, G and we arrange them like this:
Do you see any difference? I don't.
So it's just a metaphysical argument? I think so.

[TREP00] klez - PiraGhetto

First release for Theft Records, by its founder: klez.
These tracks were made for a breakdance show for some friends, and is named after the park were that show took place (Piraghetto Park, in Mestre (Venice - Italy).
There should have been a fourth track, but it contained samples from a Daft Punk song (Technologic).

The tracks' styles are very different. PiraGhetto is a hard breackbeat song, reminescent of some Bomfunk MCs' track. Then we have Get Into The Groove, more calm but still very electronic. Finally, Do Your Dirty Dance is more geared towards BigBeat, somewhat Prodigy-style.
01 - PiraGhetto
02 - Get Into The Groove
03 - Do Your Dirty Dance

Download - Other Formats and extra stuff

New Netlabel

Last night Theft Records was born!
It's a new electronic music netlabel focusing on free culture. And they are accepting submissions. And they also have open positions in other fields, to help the netlabel grow.
Check the website for further informations.

klez's old favourites 01 - Underworld - Cowgirl

This is the first post about the electronic music classics I love.
Today's feature guests are Underworld, from UK with my favourite song of theirs: Cowgirl (1994)

Take your shirt off (klez remix)

Indaba is holding a remix competition. The original track is Take your shirt off by T-Pain.
Here you can listen to my remix. And here you an download it (license: Creative Commons Non-Commercial 3.0 license, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/) .
About this remix:
Actually while making this I was very inspired! It took me more or less 4 hours to complete. The remix was done with Ableton Live, and I didn't use any VSTi (because I recently had to change my broken hard drive, and yes, I lost 100 GB of stuff...), just (free) samples and the original song's stems.
Parental advisory: Explicit Lyrics

Flashy, sexy new blog!

Ok, so now I also have a blog.
What will you find here? Mainly my releases, updates on my activity, events I will attend and some review about music, gear and other stuff.
Stay tuned ;-)